Violent Grey

by Grand Line

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released June 28, 2015

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rémi Mayot at Snapcut Studio, France.
All songs written by Grand Line



all rights reserved


Grand Line Nice, France

Formed in 2015 in Nice, PACA, France, Grand Line is a mix of everything we love. Pop Punk riffs with a powerful hardcore voice and meaningful lyrics.
With former members of CBTP, Sail To North and In Other Climes.

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Track Name: Violent Grey
I will always wait for you, and I will always be there for you.
You always knew how it is to live with the weight of a heavy heart,
The price of my worthless scars, there's too much going through my mind.
And there's no way to turn back time.

True friends I used to count on became strangers with familiar faces.
Things are getting so ugly I need a change, something big.

Can someone please remind me why I’m still awake?
Cause being dead would be so much easier.

I will always wait for you, and I will always be there for you.
Tell me I'm the only one, tell me we're not wasting time.
Late nights and early fucking mornings… Is it all just wasted time?
There's too much going through my mind.
And there's no way to turn back time.

I wanted something more from this life.
Something I can hold and never let go.
But there's no hope for a better tomorrow.

If you want to say goodbye I'll be here beside you saying goodbye too.
If you're ready to die I'll be close behind burning myself alive.
If you're ready, I am ready. We've seen everything there is to see.
Let it all go, hold me tight. Let's fukin' die.

We will be forever.
Let’s get lost in the violent grey.
Track Name: 1987
Still locked in this pain, 27 years old.
I'm not growing up but fuck man, I am growing old…
Memories are fading away from me and it's breaking my heart.
Damn I can't remember, Fuck I can't remember.

It makes me want to fight this burden. Until the last resort.

So I'll put everything in this till the end of this line.
So we’ll put everything in this and we never gonna stop, until we break!
And I’ve been thinking about what you said; "Better late than really late!"
So I'm walking with my eyes closed and I'm never gonna lose it.

I'll be honest I'm so much scared, scared of losing my mind.
Scared that I can't keep the promises I made to myself.
Memories are drifting away from me. And it's breaking my heart.
Not knowing the truth is maybe for the better…

The truth's that nobody cares unless you're pretty or fucking dying.
But I don't care being left behind, all I want is some peace of mind.
Just some peace of mind…

STUCK IN HOPE. Future's coming much too slow.

I'm so sick of singing and writing songs about hate.
It's breaking my mind, bringing me down.
And it doesn't help…

Memories are drifting away from me, And it's breaking my heart.
Damn I can't remember. Fuck I can't remember.
Track Name: Blackbirds
Being an adult is overrated. « Act your age! » I don’t know what that fucking means.
Teenagers who think everything sucks are kinda right. I can’t coincide.
You call this a modern life, I call this a war.

Slow suicide.

Are we all so stressed? Why do we feel so lonely?

How can we survive the pressure? Could we ever deal with all of this?
When everyday is your judgment day. When everyday feels like yesterday.
When all you have to do is fuckin' obey.

Let's be honest; I can't escape it because every breath I take is a fucking step towards my death, yeah! Are we all so stressed?

Nothing to do but so much to say. I don't even know what I'm still doing here.
Feels like I'm just watching the world moving on without me.

So we’re dancing with the devil till we die, left behind in the wind. In the deep grey wasteland.

I’m just an other face in the crowd, just an other face in this teenage wasteland.
A wasted voice, a worthless life, another name on a grave.
Another random soul walking straight on the line.
Track Name: All Blue
You are my definition of beauty, but you’re the fuckin’ rope around my neck too.
You’re in my blood, in my thoughts, in my soul, sometimes I can see myself in you.
And you know how much I hate myself…

There’s a whispering voice calling out my name.
Save me from my demons. Save me from myself.
You gave me all, a reason to say goodbye to everything.
Even a reason to hate you.

But you’re still my favorite mistake.
Why do I always remember the things I wanna forget?
My pillow still smells like you, so I stabbed it.

Slowly watching myself falling in an ocean I can’t swim.
And I have nowhere to go. No, I have nowhere to hide.

I never wanted anyone to regret.

I guess fake love is real, it’s old as time.
Love’s not just about sharing a password…
Too much truth result in loneliness.
Track Name: Into The Void (feat. Rémi from Can't Bear This Party)
I saw my mother in pain and I did nothing to help.
I wonder if she thinks of it, I wonder if she thinks of me.
Everything’s burning around through my eyes.
But the fire warms me up like a memory.
Torn again between reason and hell,
Modern man, modern man,
Show me at least you care!

I heard the funeral bells ringing, but I'm not waiting for any kind of help.
Cause I wanna feel what I deserve, I wanna feel alive for the first time.

I'm lying to myself and I'm pretending that I just feel fine.
Always wanted what I can't have, I can't live with the fact that I will never comeback to life.

Modern man, modern man!
Oh you say bomb, I say gunshot.
Revolution has something wrong
You're pride decrease, you're fucking alone.
Modern man modern man!
Mistakes you made and you fighting for,
Boring tears for boring crimes, boring tears for boring times.
Modern man! Yeah modern man! Show me at least you care!

I heard the funeral bells ringing, But I'm not waiting for any of help

I wanna feel the pain of being a man.
I wanna feel the ground cracking under my feet.
I wanna feel the hands of god crushing my soul.
I wanna feel the pain of being a man.

I wanna be swallowed into the void.